I have never been interested of it but i guess the wattage was Hope you guys check these thread.. See you guys later, and thanks again. Need help choosing graphic card [Guide]: And final question what do you think.. Need advice on updating graphic card 2 run new games Need new graphic cad for gaming Is this graphic card compatiable with my computer? So if I buy gts, i must have W psu or more..?

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Try this one for the PSU Choosing a graphic card for this computer Which graphic card will be better for my pc? Will it be good enough?

GeForce GT | Specifications | GeForce

Graphic card under rs 10k A newbie wants to upgrade his graphic card: Its the same power etc. How to choose an Graphic Card. I am just asking you to have a look gr my questions, and give me good advices. And I will ask you to tell me if there is a better graphic card but its around the same price, i think the palit is 80 dollars.

Today we’ll be looking at an offering from the guys at Point of View, let’s have a peek at their GeForce GTand then head on over to yeforce next page please.

It’s the segment that is not necessarily focused at gamers, but generic PC users who work on their Desktop PC, but also Digital Media and HTPC users, as this segment offers a lot of value for money when it comes to managing high-definition content. The card itself is PCI Express 2. Gh note that your resolution is somewhat lower than the one in the charts, so your FPS will be higher.


So if I buy gts, i must have W psu or more.?

Discussion about Palit GT Seeking Advices 🙂 – Graphics Cards

Need help choosing graphic card [Guide]: Can’t find your answer? More about discussion palit gt seeking advices. I am on vacation now, and i’ll be back on wednesday. Hi guys, I am new here and i am seeking advices, and i am sorry if my english is not good enough or my post is not as it is required.

So I am thinking of buying a Palit GT 1GB, becouse a friend of mine said that i can play most of the new games with it and its not too expensive. As long as it is possible? Will the cards that start at USD will have enough oomph to What we find interesting is how long the budget products will last, as with tg APU architectures from AMD and Intel’s Sandy Bridge, the bar in the teforce end segment may need to be raised.


These GPUs are primarily pqlit through distribution to system integrators. I don’t know if there is a coming game witch needs more than MB, but I want to play with this card at least years If its possible of course?

Fortunately, at x, the HD should be able to play any game with good settings; perhaps max without AA in many cases. It usually sits between the GT and GT See you guys later, and thanks again.

Onus Jun 25,8: I got my GT after reading the data sheet here: Ask a new question. Need advice on updating graphic card 2 run new games Need new graphic cad for gaming Is this graphic card compatiable with my computer?

Palit GeForce GT 430 1GB

Onus Jun 26,5: The brand and the model. Which Graphic Card is Better?? Then its all about the psu, and the motherboard wont make any problem?

LegendaryAssassin Jun 26,5: It may not load as quick as some top end g-cards but it’s still quicker than my Xbox lol.