I thought I would try disabling the Sigma-tel and try the ASIO driver but it doesn’t seem to be an option I’m really getting frustated with this but I like the sounds and convenience. All times are GMT It wouldn’t interface to any of the other audio software I have either. When connected to my computer, it works fine, I get the modified audio via the headphone out. And guitar port doesn’t have that

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Posted April 16, If not, can you point me some where else I could get an answer? You drag a track and drop it over the player and you can play it and slow it down and change the pitch.

I agree that the SigmaTel is the problem Rob 71 1 1. Anyone got both options that can give a comparison?

Hi, I have a half decent PC: Is it a case that once we add a guitar track for example to a drum track so they have both been “recorded”, I will be able to hear everything through the laptop without the need for external monitors being connected to the guitar port?


Posted April 18, The left side will be the dry signal, the right side will be the TonePort effected signal.

How to record with line 6 guitarport – Cockos Incorporated Forums

Send a private message to guitagport Try switching your core audio drivers over to the guitar rig, so that all that works perfectly is my Line 6 Guitar Port, which I have connected to.

How do I fix this?

I needn’t standalone versions anymore. After then I’ll see. Your name or email address: Alreay tried, But windows defender detected a virus. When connected to my computer, it works fine, I get the modified audio via the headphone out.

Happy Holidays!

I’ve guitarporf years on this problem, trying every new solution different ASIO drivers, virtual cable software, etc. Find More Posts by theddodger.

Basically, my goal is to do what I used to do with the line 6 software.

If you don’t have any need for the Sigma Tel built-in soundcard, you can disable it. If you had read my thread on installing Double Desktop, things would be much simpler working with the two programs open. Don’t know about Guitar Port but its a pretty same. I guitarpot tried the workaround drivers to no avail.


Owning Guitar Rig, you would only be using line6 sounds if you had some problem with your ears I say go for the audiophile if you can Originally Posted by manning1.

It’s an internal routing system for audio and MIDI.

Using “Guitar Port” as DI for “Guitar Rig” | NI Community Forum

I have already downloaded line 6 monkey and updated drivers on the guitar port. Already have an account?

Now, here’s the kicker. Line6 USB awio type: Native Instruments have set a new standard in guitar amp modelling.

According to the Line6 Linux driver, you can set monitoring, eg. The set up is currently down my brothers house so cannot check at the moment.